About Me

My name is Lew and I like to ride motorcycles.

This is my blog for all things travel and motorcycles. It is mostly for future me and to make my friends jealous but just maybe it will be enough to give someone teetering on the edge of moto travel the poke they need to set off on their own adventures. If you have any questions or want to discuss ideas around your own future travel please reach out to me and I'll be glad to provide insight on what I can.

About The Blog

Some of you, none of you, might be wondering how I keep my blog up to date. There's a blog post for nearly every day, maps, charts, statistics, photo galleries, etc. All that would seem to take hours to update everyday. And you may be thinking that it's hard enough to even upload photos with the slow and flaky internet on the road. The short answer is that I wrote a suite of code that automatically updates the website by analyzing the gpx tracks from my gps and the photos in Lightroom. The code keeps track of what's changed and what's new and will decide whether to update existing content or create new content. In addition, my photo/content management is all custom utilizing Amazon S3 which allows me to control sizes of photos and how they are uploaded.


If you have any thoughts, comments or questions let me hear them!
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  1. Wow congratulations for the great blog, for the courage to do the trip and thank you for sharing with us! really enjoyed it!