Getting Ready

Gear Rig

I expanded my Giant Loop from my last Baja trip a bit. I added (2) 1 liter fuel tubes in the Wolfman soft carrier bags to the back. I also added two expansion pouches on the side that I will use for tools, disc lock and camera accessories.

The Giant Loop itself stores camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, camping fuel and cooking pot. It will also store spare parts, tools, tent poles and warm/rain gear.

I have an expansion duffle on top of the Giant Loop that will hold my street clothes and toiletries.

I also strapped a medium sized backpack on the back. This will carry my laptop in my pelican case as well as food and water. This will keep the laptop safe and be useful for touristy trips not on the bike.

Bike Add-ons

I added two Twisted Throttle Tool Tubes to the bottom of rear rack. I am not convinced they will hold up but they provide a nice way to carry some extra oil. I think I will leave one empty for expansion room.

I also got myself some Giant Loop Elephant Ears for gnarly weather riding. Those fit nicely across the bottom of the Giant Loop and don't take up much room.



Updated the fuel maps, removed some of the stuff for emissions (O2 sensor, fuel vapor vacuum). Using Tune ECU running on my Macbook Air under bootcamp into Windows 7. I use CJ Designs Tune ECU cable that comes with KTM connector.


Changed all the fluids:
  • Brake Fluid Front/Rear
  • Clutch Mineral Oil
  • Coolant Flush

Valve Adjustment

I have about 10k miles on my bike to date. So it was time for a valve adjustment anyway. Intake valves where in spec. Exhaust valves were on the loose side of the spec so I tightened them up by .04 and .05 mm.


It was about time to fix a few things that have been broken on my bike for a while now.

Rear Blinker

The 690 US version has a nice side effect of eating it's own rear left turn signal. It's too close to the exhaust, so it melts pretty quickly. I replaced the rear blinkers with ones that sit more flush.

Exhaust Heat Shield

One of the heat shield welds broke on my exhaust so I've just been running without the heat shield. I recently noticed that not only is it a heat shield but it also connects the exhaust to the mid pipe. My new friend Jeff welded it for me. I met Jeff out on 4th of Juplaya...he's big into 2-strokes and does a good amount of his own fabrication (flikr)

Getting Rid of Bikes

I sold my Triumph Daytona 675 and my KTM 350 EXC.

I sent my 1973 Triumph Trident T150V to my father in San Antonio.

Selling Gear

Had a garage sale at Piston and Chain to get rid of a bunch of my motorcycle gear.

I also invited my friends to come through my house and help themselves to the stuff I didn't have time to sell.

PnC Party

With the help of my good friend Diana, I threw a party at Piston and Chain. I thought it would be a good way to get a chance to see a bunch of people all at once before I set off. The turnout was incredible and everyone seemed to have a really good time. I used Jawbone's yet to be release Drop app to allow guests to request songs!

Being a Bum

My friend (and PnC owner) Matt was gracious enough to let me stay in his "man cave" in SF for the few days I was in town with no apartment. I donated my bed to the man cave so I was sleeping on my own bed in his apartment.

Ride to Santa Monica

With the help of my friend and PnC member Elizabeth I routed a nice off highway route to Santa Monica.

Picture Gallery

Getting Ready
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  1. Hi Lew, Please be safe. We are thinking about you.
    LOVE YA, Scott's mom