Jumping The Snake

I took a little morning jaunt through the canyon roads around Malibu including the famous "Snake". This is the highly photographed corner on Mulholland Hwy where the combination of people getting distracted by the cameras and trying to show off end up crashing into the hill (source).

The ride to the snake was amazing. Twisty canyon roads all to myself for mile after mile.


When I turned on to Mulholland Hwy off of the canyon road I was on was the first time I saw any vehicles since hitting the canyons. I had come up on a group of street bike riders. I chased them through the snake...even passed one of them...all with full knobby tires and one measly cylinder. When I went around the snake the first time I really didn't see what the big deal was just a normal curve like any other on the road. Didn't really realize that was the turn until I got out of it and noticed the hill everyone crashes in to.

I pulled off into the turn around to shoot the shit with some locals. They told me about this little "urban off-road" you can do by kind of going right through the hairpin. It's blocked off with big boulders so it's hard to get a run up and then it actually is a steep little hill climb. So naturally I had to try it!

After The Snake I wound down yet another awesome canyon road and then spotted some fire roads. Got in a few good hill climbs to the top of a ridge with spectacular views of the water and the PCH.


Here's a map of the entire ride:

Here's a link to the GPX if you'd like to add it onto your GPS - Jump The Snake

Jumping the Snake
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  1. Dude....so bummed I broke my foot. Guess I'm gonna have to do some exploring on my own soon.

  2. Curtis, has a dual sport now too. You guys should hook up and go exploring. By the time I get back the three of us will be able to tackle whatever! Heal up quick!