The White Rim Trail

Phil and I met in Utah to do the White Rim Trail. It just so happened that Kirill (a old friend and FactSetter from the East Coast) on his way back from Burningman. Also, Marie, a girl we met at the hostel in Moab decided to join us. So the 4 of us got up with the sun and took off to do the White Rim Trail in its entirety.

It had just rained the previous couple of days and the rangers told us that it was technically open but not to attempt it because they didn't want to have to come rescue us. We decided to go anyway.

Marie is new to dirt so we knew it would be a challenge for her. She started off great but as they trail got harder we all made a bad decision to move forward with Marie in tow. After a number of offs and with the heat, eventually she could go no further and our pace was too slow to continue hiking back to get her bike through the harder bits. None of us brought camping gear and water would be tight if we had to spend the night. Luckily there was a jeep with a dad and a son motocross racer that offered to have her camp with them and they'd help get her and the bike out the next day. That freed us up to open up the throttles and try to finish before night fall.

It was muddy, challenging at times, beautiful and fun. The next day Marie made it back safely. And for once it wasn't me that crashed...just everyone else.

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The White Rim Trail
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