Exploring Ibague

I decided to take a ride in the hills above where I am staying in Ibague, Colombia. I found some awesome full on dirt roads that look like cars haven't been down in a while. Now it seems, only used by farmers on small motorbikes or horses, donkeys, mules and cattle. Very steep, loose climbs and descents through the mountains where there are tiny farms built right into the side of the mountain. Incredibly beautiful and very cool vistas.

I found a little town at the top of the mountain. Many locals and farmers were gathered here as it is Sunday. I grabbed a small bite to eat before heading back down the mountain. This time on a dirt road designed for cars and trucks. The town was full with old Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4's. This was still not a road you would take a sedan on. Also still a two way, one lane road.

So I'm light with a small pack, 15 lbs of pressure in my tires and having fun. Breaking the rear free around turns but still keeping it in check around the blind turns because there is oncoming traffic from time to time. A couple times I am forced to scoot off the road to the inside into the soft ditch to give jeeps room...no big deal...mostly because I wasn't willing to stop at a wider part in the road to allow the jeep through.

Now I come around a particularly steep bend with a clearing and a great view. Then comes a jeep going too fast and it forces me to the outside...towards the edge of the road and off the mountain. I swerve and brake but the dirt is so soft that I skid both front and rear. No big deal...I pitch it left to keep in line with the road waiting for the tires to bite but it's so steep I just keep sliding like I’m on ice. Quickly running out of road but still in control I fully lock up the rear and get completely sideways and like in a movie I come to rest at the very edge of the road. I look down at my rear wheel and there's just a little rock hanging on in the dirt that kept my rear wheel from going off. I chuckle a little to myself but because I was in control the whole time, none of this seemed that out of the ordinary. I've had so many similar incidents in the past and have been run off the road too many times to count.

I’m now completely stopped, clutch in and engine running. I look back to the road and notice that behind the jeep there was a truck filled with people. As the truck goes by I notice that everyone is staring at me...blank faces...like they just saw a ghost. Then it dawns on me...they thought they were about to watch a person fly off the edge of a mountain. From their perspective they watched a pretty exciting event, from mine it was business as usual. In fact, I wouldn't have even thought to tell the story if it weren't for those undeniable looks.

Here are some pictures from the ride…

Exploring Ibague
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  1. Glad to see your still doing well. On the next ride will you try a WR250? Keep safe, your friends from Kansas are keeping up your progress. Justin.

  2. Thanks!

    What's your next big trip going to be? Another Utah trip? Utah was so epic!

    I still haven't decided what my next bike will be. Every time I get fed up with my bike then I go on a ride like this and realize it's one of the few bikes that you can have that much fun in the dirt on. I love the power!