2016-11-06 Thunderhill


  • Distance: 4 km (2 miles)
  • Max Elevation: 120 m (393 feet)
  • Min Elevation: 85 m (278 feet)
  • Ascent: 75 m (248 feet)
  • Descent: 79 m (261 feet)


Pacific Track Time season finale at Thunderhill in Willows, CA. Pretty eventful weekend. First time getting my elbow down and Tucker getting super unlucky getting taken out by a low side on the inside of the final turn on the second to last session of the weekend. Everyone was OK but his bike is a little worse for the wear.


  • Just the second time running tire warmers and slicks.

  • Top speed of 145.9 mph on the long front straight of Thunderhill.

  • First time getting the elbow down.

  • Make shift elbow sliders.

  • Track cameraman got pretty good photo evidence.

  • Lowside on inside rider ends up taking out my buddy Tucker.

  • My Rossi impression.



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Elevation Chart

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