2016-01-07 Buenos Aires to EZE


Dropping off the bike for shipping via United Airlines. DakarMotors are the handlers. Dakar Motors is pretty hands off. They make you go out to their house to give them your paperwork and they give you a vague price and they won’t even make copies for you…you need a find a place before hand. Then they make you go to the cargo terminal and go through all the steps of preparing the bike for shipping. Then they have you go to the office of the company that is actually manage the shipping to get the price after you have already committed to shipping. Then they have you go to the bank to deposit cash into an account at an abysmal exchange rate. Then they have you take the bank receipts back to the office to pick up the waybill. The whole thing takes 3-4 days and honestly I can’t really say what they do for you except refer you to Navicon SA and take $100 commission. If you are feeling ambitious you could try to deal directly with Navicon and save yourself 3 days of hassle and $100.



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  1. could you send us details on what it cost in total? is it flying?

    1. It cost $2k and the pickup was relatively painless. It flew with United Airlines from EZE through Washington D.C. to SFO. It took about 4 days.